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Achieving a Full Life with Spina Bifida

17 Jun , 2014  

11239794A great story of how one family and the help of technology

Maurice is a mechanical shunt in Evangeline Kugler’s brain that drains the fluid that would otherwise collect there because of her spina bifida. That’s just one of the many complications of the birth defect that will follow the baby, who’s almost 9 months old, throughout her life.

And Maurice, the mechanical shunt? Evangeline’s parents, B.J. and Lisa Kugler, have a puckish sense of humor and a healthy respect for Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

“So we actually named it Maurice, after Mojo,” said her dad. “Because you just can’t stop it.”

With the ever-present attention of Maurice, the Kuglers are counting on Evangeline living a satisfying life, even with spina bifida, the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the United States.  READ MORE