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Come Help Raise Money for Spina Bifida Research

13 Jan , 2015  



Come join me on February 13 at one of the premiere fundraising events in Chicago. Last year more than $2M was raised to support 18 local charities. I am supporting the Illinois Spina Bifida. The party starts at 5:30pm with a private reception and the floor opens at 7pm with more food, drink and entertainment than you can consume! Grab a friend and your dress and tux and have a great time! Hope to see you there and make sure to check the box on your ticket to support spina bifida research! WATCH VIDEO

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  • Matt Larsen

    Thank you, Tatyana! Tickets and more info are available at:

  • ivan kalchen

    To be honest they didn’t raised it in a good way but they managed to do it in a fairly good ( as I like to call it 😀 )
    Then they found a way to raise more and now they came up with something good.
    Maybe because they didn’t want to warm it up. And no one did anything remotely amazing to do it.
    Maybe because they were on the verge of raising and with http://specialbonusandreviews…. on the rise .. I don’t really know.
    Hope I helped.