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Advertisers Increasingly Using Disability to Promote Their Products

3 Feb , 2015  

If any of you saw Amy Purdee in the Toyota ad on the Super Bowl, you probably understand was a breakthrough this is! Are advertisers increasingly using disability to promote their products? After this year’s Super Bowl featured two adverts starring people with an impairment, the IPC’s Director of Media and Communications, asks if a new trend […]

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To the Mother Crying Over Her Baby’s Spina Bifida Diagnosis

27 Jan , 2015  

This is a very endearing note written by a mother with a child born with spina bifida and her coming to understand the wonderful specialness of her child. A person is only limited by their lack of imagination and drive. We are all born with some unique abilities (don’t think of them as disabilities) and it […]


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Come Help Raise Money for Spina Bifida Research

13 Jan , 2015  

  Come join me on February 13 at one of the premiere fundraising events in Chicago. Last year more than $2M was raised to support 18 local charities. I am supporting the Illinois Spina Bifida. The party starts at 5:30pm with a private reception and the floor opens at 7pm with more food, drink and […]

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NHL Stars Take On Sledge Hockey Team

7 Jan , 2015  

  If you think hockey is exciting, check out sledge hockey. It’s faster and takes a lot of skill to master. Here is a video of NHL stars taking on a team of sledge hockey players.  VIEW VIDEO And here’s a photo of me trying the sport when I was younger.

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Warrior Games 2014: Army Wheelchair Basketball Athletes Live by the Warrior Creed

30 Sep , 2014  

Colorado Springs, Colorado – “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender,” a Vince Lombardi quote, hangs embossed on one of many plaques that dot the gym at the Olympic Training Center Sports Center One. The National Anthem rang out crisp and clear, electrifying the famous football coach’s words. This was the calm […]