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To the Mother Crying Over Her Baby’s Spina Bifida Diagnosis

27 Jan , 2015  


This is a very endearing note written by a mother with a child born with spina bifida and her coming to understand the wonderful specialness of her child. A person is only limited by their lack of imagination and drive. We are all born with some unique abilities (don’t think of them as disabilities) and it is up to each of us, with the help of the people around us who except and believe in us, to find and develop our own talents and direction in the world.

Dear me on diagnosis day,

The ultrasound technician, the maternal fetal specialist and the neurosurgeon finally all exited the room, and I see you break down sobbing, alone with your husband. The floodgates have been reopened. And this time, you were given even worse news.

After seeing three different doctors at three separate practices, each with their own ultrasounds and testing, you’ve been given three different spina bifida diagnoses for your unborn daughter, each progressively worse. This one, the third and final diagnosis, brought with it a good chance that your daughter would never walk. I know you’re absolutely heartbroken. You spend the remainder of your pregnancy crying. Every day, you cry. You mourn for the healthy, happy, perfect baby girl you’d always wanted but would never have. You dread her differences that will make her stand out from other children. You fear she won’t get to do all the things other people will do. You grieve for her additional struggles in life. And you’re overwhelmed with all the aspects of care she might require. READ MORE